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For $2 more, you get 20 new levels, along with new narration and music that's just as exquisite as what accompanied the main adventure. Dexterity rather than ingenuity is needed to progress, which gives these new levels a more action-heavy slant than Thomas' cerebral story. Short and sweet without any filler, Thomas Was Alone is a worthwhile experience that rises above its basic mechanics to prove heartfelt and engaging in unexpected ways. There isn't a great deal to look at or listen to, either. Visuals are limited, mainly because most of the game takes place in just a few rooms and on a couple of narrow streets crowded with zombies. The game does a great job of making you feel hemmed in by undead, though. Crowds of the shambling stinkers pack the streets, alleys, and homes of Savannah. You can always hear them groaning away, and even when you are safely indoors, they are sometimes visible right outside, shuffling past windows as an ever-present threat. The Xbox 360 edition suffers once again from a murky color palette (though this problem is less drastic than before), and the PS3 version gets occasionally choppy, but the production values are largely identical across platforms. Blacklist offers more than classic Spies vs. Mercs, however, and several other modes allow you to equip your hard-earned upgrades and exercise your cunning with more than three other players. Two of them even let you mix spies and mercs into the same team: four-versus-four Team Deathmatch and a conquest-type three-versus-three variant called Uplink Control. Mixed teams can give rise to thrilling moments, with a merc chasing an enemy spy into an ambush, or a mine turning a careful plan into a messy explosion. Spies vs. Mercs still stands above the rest, however; watching the countdown as the hack progresses is a stressful endeavor, whether you're seeking the pesky hacker causing the trouble, or trying to get the drop on a merc packing an AK-47. Guacamelee Gold Edition is a fantastic package in terms of gameplay and value. It may not last as long as you want it to, but the inevitable desire to keep playing is testament to its finely-tuned action and creative level design, and with the handy modding tutorial paving the way for Flash users, there’s great potential for the community to jump in and add to the fun. Even if 2D platformers aren’t your thing, Guacamelee’s bound to have something for everyone, whether it’s the humor in the writing and world design, the great combat, or even the ability to transform into a chicken. It’s an excellent ride while it lasts, and with the extra content on board, the PC version is the best way to travel through the troubled town of Pueblucho in style. Among these folks is the madam Mrs. Kubota, who is fiercely protective of her girls. She chides one, accusing her of distracting her from her business, only to wipe away tears of worry the moment the girl is out of earshot. Another key character is a wide-grinning coroner who levels with you about the local cops, saying, "McKlusky wants the Ripper in a cell, sure, but he couldn't care less if it takes another dozen murders." While there are some banal lines to contend with, there is plenty of evocative dialogue like this, and few wasted words. Familiar characters and scattered allusions should make fans of the original Shadowrun video games (and the tabletop RPG) happy, but you needn't have a past relationship with this world to understand it. Of course, you can have buddies along if you're h

The single player game works best when tackled in the two-player mode and there is some beautiful potential for grieving when more players are in the game. Not as much fun cooperatively as Battle City for the Nintendo Entertainment City but definitely an interesting addition to the Mario gameplay universe. As an added bonus, if you have the Resistance 2 game, you can “infect” your copy of Retribution, thus unlocking an altered variant of Grayson, similar to Nathan Hale, the protagonist of the PS3 games. This new mode makes the protagonist more powerful, gives him regenerative health, can breathe underwater and will be able to use weapons from Resistance 2, such as the Magnum pistol. Sadly, the Infected mode is enabled until you exit the game, as when you start it up again, you will have to connect it to Resistance 2 once more. Driving cars will never be as fun as ramming into them! That being said, I'd rather play mindless car-destruction games than any real driving simulator; that doesn't even feature a damage concept. Before playing FlatOut 2 I expected it to be some sort of Burnout ripoff, but it's a totally different game, both in graphics and gameplay. The feeling is almost the same that you got when you first played Destruction Derby. Back in 1995, the first Playstation console had just surfaced and Destruction Derby was a real blockbuster. Brave Story's soundtrack reminds me of the beautiful songs I've listened to while playing Chrono Cross, with those gentle violins and a battle BGM that seems "borrowed" from a Final Fantasy title. You shouldn't worry about dialogs at least when it comes to Tatsuya, because the boy's mute, but the other characters sure have a lot to say. It surprised me to see that many of Yuno's and Sogreth's lines are funny and the title departs from the standard dramatic saga recipe, filled with profound dialogs and lots of tale-telling. Twisted Metal is not just the name of the game, it's also the name of the type of music you'll hear in this car-blasting affair. I was an aggressive driver even in the simulators, so imagine my wrath now that a rock soundtrack rings in my ears and everyone is shooting towards my car. And if I see a single scratch... There was a fun part in the Blue Stadium level when I smashed a wall and behind it, I found the band playing the song that I could hear in the background. They were just animation, but still, the idea was nice. Where to begin...? Bentley Staad Pro V8i Crack 2 has seen more controversy t