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You'll see their cars all wrinkled like a sharpey. The rest of the racing cars (including your own) will remain just as smooth and polished as before. Look at the bright side - that means no service repairs are needed because I know you definitely don't want to take a Ferrari to a mechanic. The result of all actions, from team selection, training and tactics to team talks, conclude in winning (or loosing) match after match and achieving the goals set by the board or not. The team talk is a new feature of the game. It allows you to make a comment full of wisdom (choose one of three or say nothing) to get your players' morale up and enable them to play the best they can. You can also say different things to each player - in private or not. These small chats will prove extremely useful as players put a high price on their manager's comments. An inspired comment at half time may turn around the entire fate of the game. You can talk to the guys before the match, at half time and right after the game. Team talks are very useful in times of peril but not only. At half time or after the match, a manager may choose from several lines that express his state of mind (disappointment or delight, happiness or anger, content or disbelief) towards the overall evolution of the team or of a specific player. Their role is to set a specific mod to the team but its success depends on the player's ability to choose the right thing to say. Team talks may help a charismatic manager snatch valuable points against overwhelming odds. But they may also lead the team to a resounding defeat when misused because players tend to get cocky if things go to well. (Read more here: ) I'm extremely sorry that I cannot post voice samples of the dialogs in the game. These are absolutely outstanding. Sam barrows a calm, serious voice that goes wonderfully with his appearance (actually completing the overall image of the detective). On the other hand Benq Scanner 4300 Driver 6678 9vz is granted with a childish towards teenage voice (wasn't it the obvious choice?) that you could swear from the first second that is a naughty little being that is just waiting for the next opportunity to do another crazy stuff. The same way all the rest of the characters that appear in Culture Shock are granted with appropriate voice acting. As the cherry on top, the music is a perfect reminder of the old days when the two spooks were "born". I was having my doubts when I saw Czech developers undertaking the task to create a realistic South American universe, complete with voices, ethos and full graphics. I thought the cultural differences would lead to the title?s definite downfall, yet it wasn?t the case with El Matador. The jungle has never been depicted in so much graphical detail! The landscape is simply breathtaking and you are overcome

In case you're playing the demo right now, you'll want to know that it allows playing a level that's about half way into the game, when only 3 members of the Jericho teams are left alive. Since we're in the age of cineractives, Clive Barker's Jericho also includes such action sequences, guaranteed to make you freeze in front of your TV. Also, there's a lot of flying to do, usually in an attempt to reach a spot that grants your superiority throughout the battle. I'm talking about the Superman-like flying around with a trail of "superhero jet" behind, that makes the battles look more dynamic and fast-paced. There are two main flaws of the battle system: characters tend to stop and taunt their opponents, risking to lose a lot of HP and the second is the fact that once you get behind an enemy, he'll be practically dead taking a lot of damage. It takes a great deal of time for a character to turn around and parry the hits of his opponent or start a counter attack. Always remember that the arena you fight on can affect your play style, specially if you're the sneaky kind of guy that uses long-distance energy blasts and hides under water. There's also the famous Tournament arena, where you'll easily lose the battle by going out of bounds. It gets pretty tough not to do so, specially if you're the type of gamer that uses the character's flying abilities a lot. For a game that requires a lot of button mashing, TMNT has some pretty annoying unresponsive controls and there's a bit of lag to be felt during combat. The AI is no good and they're all target practice, unless you consider the bosses, but they're pretty beatable as well. There are a couple of predefined attacks that will surely please you. I enjoyed pressing the circle button and holding it for a second or two in order to see any of the four turtles running at high speed towards the enemies, taking one at a time and striking them. It was all Japanese-style animation, with fast running and deadly hits. The whole game is based on the notion of karma, getting focused, meditation and all these oriental concepts that help a warrior fight better. Well, since we're following such unwritten rules, why are you allowed to hit an enemy when he's down? Don, Raph, Leo and Mickey have different weapons and that can be seen and felt during the gameplay, but you shouldn't worry too much, since none of these weapons is precise enough. Guitar Hero II is a standalone music player and you'll use it for such purposes in the breaks between major concerts. Listen to all of those famous songs that rocked the world, from the sixties till today. Stuff like "War Pigs" from Black Sabbath or "Killing In The Name" from Rage Against the Machine can make any rocker's heart go "Dum!", "Dum!". Power that with a guitar and we've got ourselves a musical climax. What's more, you'll hear a note done wrong, because it will pretty much mess up the entire melodic line of the song. If you ruin it, the crowd boos and there are annoying sounds to be heard if you miss a note. However, if you're good enough and fit the profile of a rising star, the audience starts clapping, screaming out your name or singing along. After that comes the "encore", the female lingerie throwing, the throwing up and the autograph session, just a normal day for an average bad boy star. Over 55 songs will blow your mind and kill your fingers, making Guitar Hero II a game with a pretty decent lifespan. If you're stuck and don't know what's next, the select button brings up the objectives. Ubisoft tried to create something new out of a concept that seemed to have died in the past years. A dynamic duo, that's not Batman and Robin, but rather a pale attempt of recreating the Jak and Daxter couple is the perfect key to get a PSP game going. I'm talking about fluid action and the possibility to move around the levels through patterns that look nice, because they use the characters' abilities to the max. For example, Zeeo will be perfect for climbing to the upper levels and he's also the perfect transportation device. Ubisoft insisted on this motto just before releasing the game: "Alone, you are strong, together you are invincible." This talks about the whole gameplay and the fact that it relies on the cooperation between Rianna and her mechanical sidekick. There's a meter for that cooperation called alliance meter and each time you'll use the little robot, it will increase, heading towards the max and an ability powerup. Enlarge picture That's probably the worst flaw of the game: the graphics. Pardon me for saying this, but there are moments in FlatOut 2 when the game's visuals look like they were taken from a Playstation 1 title. Otherwise, the crashes, deformations and car destructions look great, specially because of those objects you can smash and car parts you can bend. During the Stunts minigame, you'll see a real time replay on a screen next to the track and that may not be much, but it adds to the whole experience. Also, in the same ragdoll-ba