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The spell-checker, text formatting, and other options are comparable to what you'd find in a word processing tool. When you first run Picto Selector, the installation wizard asks you if you want to store the program's database on your PC or a database server; we chose the default option, local storage on our PC, which involves choosing a location and setting access policies, including entering our initials as a log-on ID and for the program to use in sorting sheets. When we'd finished the setup process, Picto-Selector opened its main user interface with an optional tool tip. The program's optional update checker found an updated version right away, too. Writefit Software Suite is a group of programs to navigate the Internet, safeguard information, track investments, and manage time. Four programs in a single package. Web Address Book - stores and organizes all your Internet bookmarks, saves hundreds of Web addresses on your computer for easy online access. Data Confidential - keeps private information like passwords secure from unauthorized access. ChequeWealth - assists in personal wealth management by keeping all your account balances in one place. TimeWatch - manage important due dates. It's easy enough to add new books, entering information such as the title, a user-defined ID code, a rack or shelf identifier, the date and price of purchase, and the publisher, author, and edition. Adding new members is a similar process, with fields for the name, ID code, address, and so on. Actually checking books in and out is a strange process that involves selecting the desired title or member from a long list and then, instead of clicking an "Okay" button, closing the window; this inexplicably launches the next screen in the process. Never heard of Rising Antivirus? It's China's largest antivirus software company. By some estimates, it's used by half of all Chinese home computer users, who numbered more than 100 million and growing in the last count. Rising is offering a free antivirus package to compete with established freeware options in the global market. Rising Antivirus Free Edition also offers defense against Trojans, worms, and other malware; protection for USB drives; and e-mail, browser, and system monitoring and protection. It requires a Captcha to uninstall. Flip Powerpoint is your easy way to convert Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations into stunning booklets with page-flipping animations and sound. Flip Powerpoint lets you control y

That said, Ankhsvn certainly doesn't have all the search capabilities that Poynt has. Once you apply a filter (or apply none at all), you'll be sent to the sharing screen where you'll be able to add a description, geo-tag your photo, and post to any of your connected social media profiles. Here, you can also make your photo public on your Wall. If you uncheck the option, the photo will still be uploaded to your account; it just won't be made available on your Wall. Also, it's important to note that all uploaded photos are at a medium resolution. The upload time is shorter, but of course, you're not backing up the best possible pic. To begin, your ship is slow and relatively impotent, with its puny, single-stream laser. But have no fear, because the most fun part of R-Type is collecting power-ups and upgrading your ship. As you fly through levels, you'll find speed-ups, weapon upgrades, and, best of all, Force power-ups. Unique to R-Type, Force power-ups are essentially small, indestructible pods that either attach to your ship or fly independently (your choice). They are equipped with their own weapons, so they're perfect for sending into enemy territories that might otherwise be dangerous to enter. Peel will free you from flipping through 100s of TV channels or scrolling through channel-listing grids to decide what you want to watch. Peel is the first and only app that combines state-of-the-art recommendation technology and a simple, visual & elegant user interface to put the shows that you will like right at your fingertips. As you are browsing through TV shows on Peel, pick a handful that you like or dislike and let Peel know about them. Within a couple of days, Peel will start pleasantly surprising you by suggesting TV shows that you will love. We call it magic! The structure of Contract Killer: Zombies is the same as its predecessor. You go on missions, kill enemies, earn experience points, and purchase weapons. The difference is, this time, you have a partner. Her name is Evelyn, and she not only accompanies you on your missions, she also provides you with all the information you need to progress through the game. While it may be nice to have another zombie hunter at your side during dangerous missions, a big part of the game involves protecting her. This adds another dimension that sets this spin-off apart from the original. Yahoo Mail for Android gives you quick access to your Ankhsvn e-mail account (or multiple accounts) right from your mobile device. As a mobile mail client, we really couldn't ask for more. It's clean, user-friendly, and it includes some added bonuses that make it feel very much like its desktop counterpart. For instance, composing messages is a much richer experience than in other mobile e-mail apps, thanks to all the formatting tools that Ankhsvn Mail offers. It lets you make text bold, italicized, or underlined. It even lets you change font color, size, or add emoticons. Essentially, there are two types of objects arranged atop a cardboard box: monsters and homework. Your job is to knock all of the monsters off the box without knocking any of your homework off in the process. It may sound simple, but as you progress through the levels, the configurations of monsters and homework get increasingly complicated, making it impossible in some cases to hit one without hitting the other. Luckily, you have an unlimited number of balls at your disposal, and you get to swipe around the 3D environment to attack the monsters from different angles. Overall, we think Ankhsvn is an incredibly useful note-taking tool for those of us who sometimes suffer from information overload. The way it handles notes according to the category of information they contain (e.g. Restaurant, Movie, etc.), really gives