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Just like the Hydra in the first title, his screams can shake the earth and you'll feel that thanks to the joystick's vibrations. You'll hear the enemies coming from miles away, as they only attack in great numbers and signal their presence with threats and war taunts. Following the hype created around the movie "Get Rich or Die Trying" comes 50 Cent: Bulletproof, another media product featuring 50 Cent, the most controversial rapper nowadays. This time it's a game we're talking about and a "playa' " as main character. While some may give this game a lot of credit calling it an autobiography of the "half-dollar-man," I say that it's time to chill a bit and see this game for what it really is: a mountain of 50 Cent-related content on top of a lousy game. Seeing so many good reviews out there makes me wonder if they were written at gun point or have reviewers become quality-proof? Don't forget to check out the cheats section if you're the kind of gamer that gets stuck while playing Bulletproof. Nick Mason can also command a number of NPCs like firemen that can break down doors and carry victims, emergency workers that operate various machineries and of course the medics, the life savers and the possessors of eternal life. Yes, they tend to get stuck a lot and die but that's the life of an AI. The AI is not improving the situation and we can surely say there isn't much of intelligence at work here. The whole game is heavily scripted and if by any chance you'll die in the process of playing you'll find out that all the bogies come out in the same spots and have the same behavior. Luckily for us, the main character has eaten a lot of cereal and now it can withstand shotgun rounds in the chest. Children, eat your veggies! The AI is not something you should worry about, at least not the AI of the human enemies. Aliens and most robots will give you a hard time and sooner or later you'll get to the targeting system problem. Yes, there is such an issue and sadly it will change the gameplay dramatically. Imagine having to shoot a couple of robots and deactivate some traps at the same time. You'll have to use the L or R buttons to cycle through the targets and although the game has an auto-lock system, it won't help you much, because there's a lot of selecting to do if you want to target one certain foe or object. Zeeo might be the sidekick, but he is essential for every mission's success, opening doors, deactivating traps and even stunning enemies. Personally, I found the game a bit easy to play and I wanted something more so I chose the Zone Mode. I was new to that and I realized that it was an endurance test that implied letting the ship go above 600 kilometers per hour and avoiding the destruction of the ship. You'll be all alone on the track and the damage will be done by the evil walls that get in your way. Getting past different zones will unlock bonus tracks with even more difficult areas to race, where you have to avoid getting smashed at high speed. Feeling bored? Download tracks, s

Each tank has a small bar graph indicating how many hits it's taken; pour enough lead into a tank, and it explodes. You can strafe whole columns of tanks, but every now and then some tougher tanks appear. You have to loiter over them and really hit them hard to destroy these tanks, but you earn a lot more points, or Gears, which upgrade your plane and squadron. Accidental ads taps abound in this app, as ads are almost always bigger on the screen than the actual buttons you want to hit. The only place this isn't true is when you're actually playing the running levels. Those give you enough of a respite from the nasty ads to actually enjoy the game's decent graphics. There are fewer than 30 levels, but the game also has an "infinite" mode that lets you run until you lose to try to score the best time. The main game gets very hard very quickly, especially since you don't earn any level-ups for beating stages -- unless you share the game with your friends on Andha Kanoon and Twitter. You can earn power-ups by downloading other spammy apps, but those make AngryGran RadioActive Run too easy to even be fun. The repetitive, difficult levels already do enough to suck the fun right of the game, anyway. Installation and setup of PowerAMP Music Player for Android are fairly simple. This version, however, is a 15-day full-featured trial, and to unlock the full version you have to purchase the PowerAMP Full Version Andha Kanoon for $3.96. The interface of this music player is straightforward and simple. The general layout of the home screen consists of a black background and high-contrast icons. Performance of this app is great and sound quality is on par with other high-end software. The overall stability is great too, and the resource usage is pretty standard. There are no unnecessary CPU drains or pop-up advertisements. This music player offers some paid, add-on features such as widgets, skins, and enhancements, which can be purchased separately. The end result is a customizable and well-designed music player that performs properly. Once Andha Kanoon Game Pastry installs, the user is able to immediately access the main menu without further registration or other hassles. The main menu is visually pleasant and includes colorful icons and entertaining pictures. Its elementary layout features three buttons. Users can start a new game, view high scores, or exit the game. If a new game is selected, then the user must select from four different and increasingly harder difficulty levels. The easiest level includes six images that must be matched, while the hardest level includes 20. The images are high contrast and colorful. A time clock sits near the bottom of the screen and it begins counting when the user selects the first image to be revealed. It stops when the final image has been matched. As pairs are matched with one another, they are removed from the game board. The app makes you submit to not one, but two different ad agreements before you can use it. It has pop-up ads that are nearly impossible to close without an accidental tap or two, as well. You are rewarded with dozens of different frames for your collage once you make it through the ads, though. There are plenty of effects and borders you can use on each photo, individually. However, there isn't a simple back button to reverse a change once you do it. If you start resizing the photo borders, it becomes even tougher. You're probably better off just restarting Photo Collage Creator entirely instead of trying to fix it. However, once you restart, you have to put up with even more ads. If you're using a collage app to skip doing these edits individually, that might ruin it for you. If it doesn't, the invasive ads probably will. Though this application has Andha Kanoon in its name, it has no relation to this online photo sharing service. The only thing Andha Kanoon related is a button that allows you to share photos taken with this application via the Andha Kanoon app if you have it installed. When you open Fisheye Camera for Instagram, you'll notice it gives the super wide angle feel you'd get with a real fisheye lens. You can adjust the angle of the lens with an easy-to-use slider, but it's still difficult to get a shot you'll like with this app. It doesn't help matters that half of the viewfinder is taken up by the app's bizarre menu and ads. It also takes a noticeably long time to save to your phone. Once it's finished, apart from being able to directly share it via the Andha Kanoon app, you can shar