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The title's gameplay resembles the one of Crash Twinsanity, but also adds a couple of new features in order to show that things have changed in the era of next-gen entertainment. Crash Bandicoot will jump, spin, jack and slide through 20 episodes, each comprising a couple of levels and the action will take you from the Wumpa Islands to Neo Cortex's lair. The combination of the action and platforming genres gave birth to a new category, which fits Crash of the Titans perfectly: free roaming platforming. Crash is not so limited anymore as he can choose various routes to reach certain locations, while exploring a completely 3D environment, that will make you fall from ledges more than once. Sadly the classic Crash spin isn't present, well not in the original version, but the bandicoot can now throw punches and spin while in the air in order to create a "helicopter effect" and reach platforms easier. Enlarge picture All the planes look nice, although you won't see many enemy planes, since they fly past you or stay at a pretty reasonable distance, try to avoid your fire. The background, however is horrific, we saw this type of graphics in games that were designed for the original Playstation. The island, the water, the sky are not the poetry we'd like to see, instead they're a huge chunk of pixels. Don't blame it on the PS2 console, because there are titles like God of War 2 of Test Anandam Telugu Video Songs Unlimited that can show you how graphics should look like nowadays. Back to the positive aspects, the explosions are well-done, although there are basically only some animations being played over and over again once your rocket hits the target. The whole Impact Cam concept ads a certain flavor to the game, increasing one's satisfaction to have finally hit his target after numerous attempts. While the missile's traveling and you're holding the R1 button pressed, you can view the trajectory and impact from the rocket's "point of view". The above-mentioned necessities will become available as you play the game, as the initial ones are basic, like the need to go to the bathroom or the urge to sleep and eat. After a while you'll want to listen to music, take a bath and feel comfortable. While taking a bath doesn't seem difficult, in order to listen to music you'll have to create your own instruments and play them in order to cheer up. One major flaw of the game is the fact that basic actions like lighting up the fire or sleeping can last a couple of minutes, but there's a neat fast-forward option to cancel the handicap. Just hold the L button and press Up on the D-pad to speed up time or hold L and press down to slow it down to a normal level. In case you're out to complete the goals you start with, you'll surely check out the menu often, searching for your next objective. They guide you through the exotic world and give you access to new areas, requiring you to complete actions like learning how to play music, learning how to fish or building a shelter. Enlarge picture If you play the max out of Driver '76, you'll get about 6 hours of pure gameplay and finish the game's main storyline. However, since this is a PSP game, you'll probably enjoy playing random missions in 15 to 20 minutes sessions, during your lunch break. While playing the game it puzzled me to see that New York is such a deserted town? I mean, I know that it's the seventies and everyone's out there making "love not wa

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