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But the alternatives build on the Windows tool's capabilities to do a better and faster job of uninstalling programs, especially those stubborn apps that the Windows tool often can't remove. Puran Software's Amyuni Converter is a simple tool with a simple name, but it has a few things going for it: It's free, it's totally portable, and it can forcibly uninstall programs that cling to the Windows registry, often because of a missing or corrupted uninstaller. It also verifies digital signatures and creates and exports HTML lists of installed programs. Recent updates include leftover cleaning and Windows 8 compatibility. VideoSpin's simplified user interface includes the usual preview player and multitrack timeline with a basic control and file-browsing section. The layout has two tabs, Edit and Make Movie. We started by opening a movie we'd taped in VHS and converted to MPEGs. VideoSpin extracted the scenes and displayed them in a view that we could configure to show scene previews with or without duration and other data and in several layouts. VideoSpin isn't the fastest video editor we've encountered, but it's thorough and also easy to use. We simply dragged and dropped scenes onto the timeline. We could add text overlays, music, and audio with various built-in utilities like the Text Editor. This offered not only a wide range of Standard fonts but also a Custom option and a Favorites tab. We could import video from any compatible device or drive in our system with the Import Media tool, add a variety of sound and video effects, insert photos, and make movies with the help of an easy-to-use Make Movie wizard. Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit collects a number of powerful system utilities in one portable package. With its help, you can clean, debug, and repair damaged and corrupted systems. Its Emergency Kit Scanner searches your PC for every kind of virus, malware, rootkit, Trojan, and keylogger that the very latest reports and updates identify, plus any new threats it finds, and will then remove or quarantine suspected files, depending on what you tell it to do. Advanced users will appreciate the Commandline Scanner, which is the same scanner but without a GUI. HiJackFree offers powerful manual malware scanning and removal capabilities, while BlitzBlank can delete files, registry entries, and drivers that can't be deleted by normal means. It's a powerful tool that can cause more problems than it fixes, if misused. But Amyuni Converter isn't for beginners so much as professionals and experienced users. If you're the one your friends and family call on to fix their PCs, it's definitely for you. Comodo Internet Security is a free antivirus and PC security solution that combines a number of effective security tools into one easy-to-use package. It's one of the latest challengers to enter the expanding field of free security bundles, with which it shares some important characteristics, such as cloud-based virus scanning and behavior analysis to counter zero-day threats, a sturdy firewall, sandboxing, and anti-spyware -- all controlled from a single access point that takes the guesswork and program-swapping out of the security equation. Each strives to satisfy advanced users and absolute beginners alike. Comodo Internet Security passes all those checkpoints and adds some unique extras, such as the privacy-enhancing Comodo Dragon browser and SecureDNS service that lets you surf safely and maybe faster, too. We've been using Comodo's free firewall app for some time, and it's proved every bit as effective as the better-known free firewalls. It's a major component of Comodo Internet Security. Three by three describes Auto Amyuni Converterker's interface. With three File Menu entries, three buttons, and fairly close to 3 inches square on the screen, Auto Amyuni Converterker is simplicity encoded. The three main buttons start and stop the clicks and open an Online Support page that includes a contact form. The only command under File is Exit, but the Options menu contains three (naturally!) choices: Amyuni Converterk, Group, and Settings. We opened the Amyuni Converterking Options and set our Mouse and Amyuni Converterk choices on drop-down lists. We could also check a box labeled Freeze the pointer to keep the cursor from moving during clicking. Under Group/Interval we could set

Let's face it, many are cliche, vaguely embarrassing, or some incomprehensible amalgam of both dreamed up by a focus group. That is not the case when it comes to Microsoft Flight. This revival of the famous flight simulation series that has been dormant for more than half a decade drops the dreaded "S" word from its title in an attempt to draw in those scared off by the rather somber reputation of its exacting forebears. The name change is not just for show, either. The game refreshes what was once a frightening encounter with knobs, dials, and eventually terra firma. Diehard simmers won't like the changes, but Microsoft Flight is a success in its own right. It has converted a demanding simulation into a free, easygoing game where you get to play pilot in sunny Hawaii. Many of Skyrim's delights are the touches that occur outside of the action. Citizens go about their daily lives, selling their wares in shops during the day and closing down at night to hang out in the pub or head home to rest. Under some circumstances, they may comment on your rancid breath or remark on how sickly you seem to look. Children run up and down the streets; one may even ask for you to stop a bully from picking on him. Citizens move somewhat stiffly, but with more grace than in previous Elder Scrolls games. Before, conversations brought the world to a halt and focused the camera on some character's waxy face. In Skyrim, certain dialogues limit the camera and temporarily paralyze you in place, but overall, conversations feel more organic than before--a nice improvement that enhances your sense of immersion. Any puddle of liquid is nothing but a multitude of drops, and in the new downloadable game Puddle, the significance of each individual, precious drop is brought home. Here, you must guide substances of all kinds through a diverse assortment of treacherous environments, and if you let one too many drops fall victim to the dangers that surround them, you're sent back to the start of the grueling obstacle course you're navigating. It's a tense and delicate process, requiring a great deal of focus and offering a rewarding sense of accomplishment. But despite an impressive amount of variety in its visuals and in the challenges that it presents you with, Puddle sustains the same high-tension note too consistently and for too long, and the result is a game that too often shatters its own mesmerizing spell with frustrations. Orcs are crazy. All they ever want to do is smash things and terrorize villagers. Thankfully, brave heroes will always be there to help with a carefully calculated combination of turrets and traps. If you played such games as Orcs Must Die! or Trenched, then you're already familiar with the mechanics for Dungeon Defenders. The goal is to protect one or more structures, called cores, from increasingly difficult waves of goblins, orcs, and other high-fantasy fiends. You do this using your character's unique buildings and abilities, all of which you can upgrade and customize. However, for all of its difficulty modes, gameplay types, and hundreds of items, the simple act of playing Dungeon Defenders falls disappointingly short; and a few fundamental shortcomings drag this otherwise robust game into the realm of tedium. The more guns you acquire, the better, because there are seemingly endless hordes of aliens to kill. Lurching robo-humans, sprinting skeletons, one-eyed monsters, and chittering arthropods are the most prevalent threats early on, but later levels bring charging bulls, shrieking harpies, and a variety of unpleasant flesh-metal hybrids. Different weapons are better at killing certain types of enemies than others, so as you run around, it behooves you to actively switch guns to outmaneuver your foes