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But thoughtful narrative touches and the element of choice make this a convincing reason to return to the Deus Ex universe. While natural hazards that you encounter within stages can prove harmful or fatal, combat is the main source of difficulty. At first, only a few foes strike at once, and everything is manageable. Later in the game, Scarygirl faces whole mobs. At that point, juggling some foes in the air with heavy attacks becomes dangerous because it leaves Scarygirl vulnerable to projectile attacks from other enemies. Moving in quickly to try to overwhelm everyone with combos isn't advisable, because some enemies are masters at blocking, and Scarygirl takes damage if she brushes against them. Vanquishing foes without taking damage becomes almost impossible, even when you're blocking and dodging like a champion. Late in the game, one stage takes place on a floating airship. There are multiple waves of enemies that drop in on the airship from other floating vessels and attack with pikes and explosives, but there are virtually no checkpoints. It's cheap, not fun, and other similar scenarios follow. Of course, you might be seeking conflict with other players, though The Old Republic is not the richest online game in this regard. Consensual player-versus-player conflicts come down to the usual one-on-one duels and the three PVP maps currently in rotation. The most unusual of these is Huttball, in which each team attempts to score by passing the ball from player to player until someone runs it across the opposing team's goal. All this time, you run about, bashing and shooting each other in an effort to maim and kill, which can get pleasantly hectic. All three maps require teamwork, but if you prefer one map to another, that's too bad because you can't queue up for the match type you prefer. There's no matchmaking either: Player levels are all evened out, so you face high-level players long before you reach their skill levels. But don't let this dissuade you from playing these maps; it's all beautiful madness, characterized by the flashes of lightsabers and frantic key tapping. Frayed Knights is a throwback to old first-person dungeon crawlers; the visuals are blocky and not at all appealing, though some fit well with the game's humor. The user interface for accessing spells is clunky; you can assign three to hotkeys in th

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